Sunday, September 23, 2007


Assalamualaikum wbt
at last i have a blog...[i wonder why people have blog before]
for me, there are type of people who are not expressing their feelings or opinion thru words, they write to express the inner...[im not diz kind of person entirely]..but somehow writing is interesting..
we have tym to think before we say...

i dun expect sumthing bombastic in diz first post...
it juz the BEGINNING..huhu~

anyway, congratez to myself for having a blog...[clap2..]
but the thing most important to be beared in mind..lets wut we do have benefit to us..n for more also give benefit to others..
so for this begining thread...we make it light and easy...=)

reminder before i end..
full use this precious month..Ramadhan Kareem...
we may not be seeing next Ramadhan...~_~



farhan iqbal said...

welcome to blogger's hope to learn something from u...kasi la mende2 yg bole diambil and belajar from...

gud luck~