Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kerana sepotong doa

terpanggil ana untuk sama-sama berkongsi info dari suatu sumber
yang mungkin boleh kita jadikan renungan untuk mengkoreksi diri
sejauh mana kita mengingati saudara-saudara kita, apatah lagi utk berkorban demi mereka..

Du'a of Sheikh Muhammad al-Mohaisany, Imam of Masjidil Haram

The du’a was made after taraweeh salah Ramadhan 1422 AH
Note : Sheikh al-Mohaisany was arrested bt the taghout regime of Saudi Arabia immediately after he made the du’a..

Oh Allah, to whom belongs All Glory and Grandeur
Oh Allah The Omnipotent, The Supreme, The Greatest, The Highest
We ask you Your Glory and Power and victory for the Mujahideen in your cause
Oh Allah, remain beside them, and with them, give then triumph, strengthen them
Oh Allah, unite their vision, focus the aim of their weaponry, and consolidate their word
And O Allah, fix their hearts, O Allah handle, take care of their enemies (2x)
O Allah, dissipates their congregation, and shatter their integrity, and weaken their strengths, and throw fear in their hearts
O Allah, our fates are in your hands, and our affairs all return to You, and our conditions are not obscured from Your knowledge
To You do we raise our misery, and our sorrow, and our complaint
To You, and You alone do we complain the injustice of the oppressors (2x)
And the cruelty of the faajereen, and the wrath of the betraying criminals
To You, O Allah do we complain the injustice of the spiteful Christians
O Allah, the night (the dark reign) of the oppressors has indeed lengthened (3x)
The animosity if the atheist has extended deep, and the heads of the criminals
Oh Allah, Oh Allah, send upon then a hand from the truth, to raise with it our humiliation,
And to return to us our dignity, and to destroy our enemy with it, Oh Allah
Oh Allah, take care of the source of injustice and oppression (2x)
Oh Allah, direct your force against America, the center of Kufr and Fasaad (2x)
Oh Allah, of them you are All-Aware, they spread fasaad in Your lands, and they killed Your slaves, and they insulted Your religion,
Oh Allah, of them You are All-Aware, and over them All-Powerful, Oh Allah, direct your forces against them(2x)
Oh Allah, send upon then the Storms of ‘Aad, and the Cry of the Thamoud, and the Typhoon of the people of Noah,
Oh Allah, send upon them that which descends from the skies, and of that which exudes from the lands
O Allah, disintegrate their country, O Allah, make them into divided countries and scattered parties,
O Allah, Ever-Living and Omnipotent, Make contain them within a fist’s grip of Your slaves (2x)
O Allah, make hurricanes a constant for them (2x)
O Allah release our captured brothers, O Allah, release them, O Allah strengthen them, O Allah make them steady on their faith,
O Allah make possible a means for them, O Allah handle those who torture them (3x)
O Allah eradicate them with Your power and Omnipotence,
O Allah, make their plots against us a cause for their destruction, and their slyness, slyness against them,
O Lord of the worlds, O Allah, Ever-Living and Omnipotent, O Most-Mighty and Most-Gracious,
Hearer of all prayer, ever so close, accepting to all prayers,
We all pray to You, full aware of Your promise, and of Your acceptance, for You have said and Your speech is the truth:

“Pray to Me, for I accept your prayers”,

O Allah accept our prayers for us,
O Allah, Ever-Living and Omnipotent, The Omnipotent over all that is in the heavens and the earth,
We ask you to save Al-Aqsa from the cruelty of the Jews (2x)
O Allah, free Al-Aqsa from every black-hearted Kafir,
O Allah, lay our eyes rest on a liberated Aqsa, and on the defeat of the spiteful Jews,
O Most-Mighty and Most-Gracious,
All creatures are unto You humiliated, meek
O Allah, our creator from a single soul, O Allah, Highest in status, O Allah, Greatest in Strength
We ask You glory for Islam and Muslims,
O Allah, Ever-Living and Omnipotent,
O Allah guard the hardworking scholars (2x), and make steadfast those sincere in inviting to Your path, and raise the positions of those who order righteousness, and who forbid evil, and bestow the same mercy upon those Muslims who enjoin them,
O Allah, Ever-Living and Omnipotent, O Most-Mighty and Most-Gracious
O Allah, he who devoted himself to hurt them, talking to defame their honor, and tracking their refuge, and for whom You have willed no guidance
O Allah, make misery his destiny (2x), and disaster in his path,
O Allah, convert his health to disease, and his strength into sickness, and his wealth into poverty, and his power into weakness…Amiinn.


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